Welcome to the 13:20 Holistic University Experience

What is the 13:20 experience?

It begins with allowing yourself to look at the world with fresh eyes… 

to experience the pure body/pure spirit connection of a healthy life… 

to discover an understanding that time is art, 

and that the art inside you is timeless.

13:20 is the concept that the natural rhythms of life on Earth are based on an annual thirteen-moon cycle, and embracing that sense

of synchronicity with the world is the basic building block for a happy, healthy, and sustainable life.


Ready to find YOUR sense of balance in a chaotic and polluted world? LET’S GO!

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The beat of your heart…

the galactic orbit of stars and planets…

the change of seasons…

the cycles of life. 


These are natural rhythms.


But YOU are currently locked into a destructive, primitive, and artificial Babylonian calculation of rhythms. And you probably don’t know it!


Just consider: Our perception of Time comes from an ancient society that barely understood simple mathematics… that believed the sun revolved around the earth, attached to a giant crystal sphere… and instead of gravity, they were certain that objects fall to earth because they are very excited to get “home” quickly.


That's how they reasoned a confusing world.

But do the math.


Even though there are 13 moon cycles every year, Babylonians devised an annual calendar of twelve months completely out of sync with nature.

Then, in 1583, the Vatican mandated the Gregorian calendar that divided the day into 24 arbitrary hours (again, #12-light, #12-dark) that further compounded the alienation of humans from nature.

Today, we still live within this imposed arbitrary rhythm. 


Why?  Because it reinforces social control that has determined “time is money.” And many scientists have come to understand that this shoe-horning of our lives in to ancient, rigid, mis-calculations may be the source of destructive disconnection.

We believe “Time Is Art” — and that being in sync with natural rhythms opens the heart, nourishes the soul, calms mental frustrations, and builds strong love-connections.


With the 13:20 frequency, people are ruled by their heart.

Derived from Latin, there is a word that literally means “to act from the heart.”  It’s called COURAGE.


This is the springboard for the 13:20 Holistic Experience.

And here’s how it is applied in ways to bring you health and happiness…

everything moves to rhythms.



Balancing Your Body


The body is the temple of the spirit.

And you only have this one life to get it right.


Being “Balanced” is the process of being tuned into who you are,

the rhythms of your life, and finding equilibrium as you grow and constantly adapt to an ever-changing emotional and physical environment.


The old maxim is still true: You are what you eat. You simply can’t

find balance consuming the crazy, chemical-infused modern diet.

You know this instinctively! 

Likewise, you operate within the “body ecology” that you choose.

That means eliminating the artificial, carcinogenic, planet-destroying miracle lotions and skincare that corporate chemists create to make a fast buck.


The point is, it’s critical to focus on healthy ingredients, be they IN you or ON you.  That’s key to finding Balance, and preparing a personal canvas for physical beauty and emotional/mental health.


It all begins by starting from a pure state. An EasyDetox.

It’s not a chore (really!)… and it’s designed to make you feel better than you have in years.

Check out how to give yourself this gift, and find the natural products

that will keep you in a state of physical and emotional bliss here…

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Opening Your Mind

Every Body (and Soul) is different. 


So is there any wonder that there are many paths to wellness?


Some teachers swear by Biophysics… others champion Quantum theories, or vibrational medicine, or music therapy, or the traditional medicines of ancient cultures.


The 13 Moon Healing School under the direction of Fiorella Capuano understands that people often require a unique and integrated combination of techniques to navigate their way to harmony. 


That’s why we take a holistic approach, and tailor a rainbow of disciplines to your needs!  


Our curriculum is offered free with monthly participation in the EasyDetox and maintenance programs — recognized for their efficacy and honored by multiple professional certifications endorsing their spiritual purity (including a Kosher certification). 


This is a transformative education and guidance experience that understands that we are all on a specialized path of growth and reciprocal recognition. Every person has the possibility of transmitting their own experiences, competence and teachings.


In short, revelation leads to revitalization.  And we give you the individualized training and techniques best suited to your personal journey.

13 Moon Healing School

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Feeding Your Spirit

Working Together with Fiorella to Find Your Balance

solutions for:

Weight Loss
Stress & Tension
Sleep Disorders
Digestion Disorders
Women's Health


About Fiorella

Fiorella Capuano is a 2nd generation lawyer, artist, family and wellness counselor, internationally reknowned music therapist,

and manager at Forever Living. 


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